TPS Superannuation Plan

The Portfolio Service Superannuation Plan (the Plan) provides a tax-effective way to help you save for retirement. Offering a comprehensive investment menu the Plan is designed for investors who want a dynamic service in which, with the support of their financial planner, they can be actively involved.

The Plan offers you:

  • a superannuation and rollover fund in one: it is designed for single (lump sum), occasional and regular contributions as well as rollovers
  • comprehensive insurance options. You can apply for cover under our competitive Group Insurance arrangements. Alternatively, you could apply for highly customised cover under Retail Insurance.

The benefits of the Plan include:

  • a range of researched investment options, including shares, which are regularly updated as new opportunities become available
  • the ability to invest across a wide range of asset classes
  • access to wholesale managed investments
  • comprehensive reporting on your investment portfolio
  • the ability to reinvest income from your investments into your investment options or pay it into your Cash Management Account
  • a regular savings plan that facilitates automatic investments from your credit union, building society or bank account
  • the ability to transfer your own listed investments into the Plan (with our approval).

Before investing in the Plan, you should speak with your financial planner. If you do not have a financial planner and would like to be put in touch with one in your area, please contact Client Advisory Services on 1800 221 151.